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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Kareem everyone! (:



Today is the second day of Ramadan . Just wanna wish everyone, happy fasting!
Remember that you are fasting, not only to be patient with hunger and thirst, but it's even more than that. :)
So, make sure you are fasting together with your mouth (from backbiting, evil talks, ect), your hands, your legs, and other parts of your body.hehe. This is also a reminder to myself. :)

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about this Ramadan. Honestly, before this, I dont even know what is so special about Ramadan. But now, I know. It's even more excited than Hari Raya. Probably, because I am more mature and I know the value of it?hehe. Yeah, it's more valuable from the aspect of religion and so on :)

This one is du'a that I've overheard from the talk by Dr. Zakir Naik on youtube.
Here is the du'a :)

via- tumblr.

Ramadan is the month of al-Quran when you finish all chapters in one month. Chaiyok!!

The benefits of Ramadan??

-Make you more close to Allah.
- Drives you to perform more good deeds and more rewards to get
- For all smokers, this is the month to stop that bad habit. Make a full use of it. InsyaAllah :)
- This month is to make us understand the sufferings from people who are not able to eat, like us T_T
(even more worse in countries that have to fight just to get  a mouth of food)

The list will go on and on. Make sure that you can add the list and you can see how Mercy Allah is. :')

Ramadan kareem everyone!

Allahu Allah :) Sila LIKE! XD

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