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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You say you care?

Assalamualaikum. Peace be upon you, to all my brother and sisters.

if some of you know about the sufferings in  Palestine, they are fighting for their rights. Even though from the perspective of non-Muslims, yes, it's about human right. Even though Muslims should say that this is Muslims' issue! But yes, it opens all hearts of people, to know about their oppression, all their sufferings, all their sadness, especially when their lands being taken by Zionist. Who is Zionist? They are from Judaism. Yahudi?
Do you know?

 Okay now, let's question ourselves. Do you care to watch all their videos? Or, do you prefer more to watch movies in your laptop, or all movies in cinemas? Lets question ourselves. Yes, I should ask myself too! I know I'm not good enough to speak about this. I know that I'm not knowledgeable to speak about their sufferings. I dont have much knowledge too. But at least, if some of you came across to read this enrty, at least, I gave some awareness to you. It's lame for not care about them. I dont even know if I can understand all their tears. Lame. I know, that's shameful too. Sarah, wake up! Sister, brothers, lets educate ourselves!
O Allah, forgive me when I've been too happy with this life, too forgetful about our brothers and sisters there. :'( forgive me. forgive us.

Im not sure. but by clicking this link below , at least can open up our mind. at least, to see their tears, apart from our laughter all the time. :'( forgive me ya Allah when I close my eyes from seeing their tears. :'(

  click here to see the oppression :(

Now, remember to make du'a after every prayer. Or, add some more in our additional prayers.
May Allah bless me. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless us. Forgive us ya Rabb.

You can cry a bucket now. :'(

See a mother who protects her children?

If you cant cry, ask Allah to soften your heart. Seriously. :(

May Allah grant me for sharing this input. It's just a tiny effort I know. And may Allah bless you.

Google the knowledge and watch their videos on YouTube. That's what technology is for, right?


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