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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Awesome people make me feel extra awesome! (:

Warning: this post might be a bit ‘wild’ in terms of usage of language because Sarah is so excited of telling her one-semester-all-stories-to-be-told  in one post. LMAO. Ignore the rojakness of her Malay and English. 
Salam people! How are you? Im sorry that this blog has been SILENT for a long time. Memang nak sangat post kat blog. Tapi kena tahan ‘nafsu’ nak berblog, sbb tak ada masa. Boleh la nak cakap tak ada masa langsung. Sebab, even kalau keluar pun, memang sebab kerja. Yes. Memang best. Tapi kalau dia dah tahu sebab kerja, penat dia lain. You know what I mean? Hehe.
So, basically, kerja-kerja sebagai budak BEN sem ni, is for me to get out of UIA and see what most Malaysians do not see. Example? Like what is so funny about being Malaysians. Malaysians love food. Agree? Hehe. That’s for American Literature’s class. For that, we had two assessments, which are exhibiton and travelog. But, for me, the travelog was fun, because you can travel with your friends. Aku dah siap bawak foreigner datang rumah kot. Siapa? Farahin namanya.hehe. Tak ada lah. Dia Singaporean. So, oversea la jugak kan? Hehe. *buat muka mintak penampar*

My groupmates and me snapped photos with one of the pakcik motor :P

So, to continue, yes, duit juga banyak habis sem ni. T_T  Dengan aku yang belajar kereta lagi, memang tak ada duit la. *check wallet yang kering*
And then, kitorang buat exhibition tu, actually, dengan presentation. But then, we have some sort of acting or something like that. My group had been assigned to present on Emily Dickinson. You see how hard or fun was that? LOL. Have no idea. But, yes, I should enjoy it. Yes, I’d be lying kalau cakap aku tak suka. Sebab bila habis je exhibition, Farahin and Ainul text us saying thanks for being in this group, for being awesome groupmates. Nangis karang. Haha. Sayang ketat-ketat lah, boleh?  *hugs* :P

awwww  :') So, lets meet them!
Farahin, Syira, Sarah :P, Nija, Illi, Ainul, Mira. high fiveeee! :D

According the title of the post, yes, I have made a lot of new and close friends. You see “CLOSE” and “NEW” friends? How awesome is that? Hehe. Another group that I found interesting was the group of Leadership! Oh my God, that was TERRIBLE at first! Why? Because at first, yes, we were able to finish the first draft of our working paper, but it turned out to be like crap, because it was rejected for so many times! We were so stressful and we like sooo depressing! (boleh jadi gila tahu tak? Sebab dah buat kerja, lepas tu dah kena reject pulaaaak berkali-kali.)  T_T Macam laki kena reject dengan awek. Faham perasaan tu kan? LOL. So, our group was the first group to submit. We had conducted a carwash service. And the name was “S7ven-T Carwash.com”. And, with Allah’s will, the project turned out well, because we did the presentation very well. And yes, the group members were awesome too! Kenapa? Sebab lepas present tu, Fathi, the driver, took us to have nasik ulam at Taman Keramat, I guess. Hehe. Bestnyeeeee! Nak balik Kelantan! T_T

And, and, and, malam tu pula, Husna, who is also my Leadership groupmate, ajak aku pergi tengok movie. We watched The Avengersssss! Gooddddd, that was awesome! :DDDD
aku yang tak reti layan cerita action pun boleh layan.. bak kata Eddy, Hulk ade, Captain America ada, semua ada lah senang cerita. Hehe. Best lah! Aku memang bagi full mark! Hehe. Cuma, emm cumaaa, duit aku abis lah sebab movie tu RM19 koot, sebab tengok 3D. mahal, T_T but it was fun. So, I don’t mind.hehe
Since kami pergi petang lepas asar (sebab sesat hamper sejam), so, sampai kat KL Festival City pun dalam maghrib dah. Sampai tu terus pergi survey jam berapa movie start, and , makan kat Octopus Sushi and Thai, and, terus rushing solat Maghrib, and ready untuk mengejar tengok movie. Haha! I was a bit ‘crazy’ on that night.haha. Nasib baik girls day out. LOL.tak pe kan? Hihi.  But again, I was crazy bila dah sampai bilik, sebab dah takde duit. Haha. Padan muka :P

its okay. For me, I don’t mind of spending money for the joyful of hanging out with friends. Seriously.   :’)

******************Finals continue********************

So people, as you all know that IIUM students are facing their final paper(s) :D
For the current time, I had finished with 2 papers, which were Research Method and Political Science. Those two were like no-gap exams! So, my head was spinning like @#$%^&**
And for now, am still waiting for FIVE MORE papers to go! *sigh*
Hmm., semua paper tengah beratur. Two more days is the paper of Methods of Dakwah on 30th May. And, continue up with Arabic, Fiqh, Pshycholinguistics, American Literature, and so forth. (dah habis la)
And on 9th at night, insyaAllah I’ll be departing from KL (Putra Station) to Kelantan. Yipeeeee! ^^
(padahal tiket tak beli lagi. Zzzzzzzz)

Macam ni la cerita rojak semua dalam satu entri. Mungkin lepas ni kalau BETUL2 free baru boleh update lagi. And, kalau setan malas tu hilang dari badan Sarah Saadi la ye? Hihi.
Take care people! Be awesome all the day yeah! :)

below are some photos to feast your eyes on what I'm doing this semester. I will keep them as one of the best memories ^^

BENL AGD with the theme of White Garden. that was one of the tiring yet AWESOME experience of being a BENL student! so happy working with them!

oh, this is the time when my study table will be in chaos. :P ni masa belum sepah sepenuhnya lagi la :P
bersepah fully masa final la for sure!

this is not what's happening during this semester. this is what im looking forward to!
Rindu adiiiiik! kbye! T_T

 thanks for reading! :)


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