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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thanks for The Memories

8th of Feb – 12.10 am

Salam people.

 Just want to share about my current reading of “Thanks for the Memories” by Cecelia Ahern. The author’s name is unique, right? Hehe. Here you go, let me tell you some gist of this lovely books. Well, it is basically a  story about a father, about a collapsed marriage of  the main character (Joyce) in the story. Yes, it does bring me tears. So yeah, the tears spilled about a few minutes.heh. Surely this book can help you to remember your parents, your friends, etc. as for my own experience, it does make me remember my late mother, my father at home, etc. T_T
Dear holidays, please come to me.  *cries in pillows

wake up Sarah! (oh yeah, this story also consist a character that called Sarah too!hehe)
So yeah, Sarah is a female doctor that Justin has fallen in love with. Well, I haven’t finished reading yet. But, as far as I can see, the plot of the story is interesting and can make you never let go of the book!
Yes, as the story goes on and on, it will make you want to know more and hungry for more to munch! J

Why it’s interesting?
Yes, I shall say that the story is unusual too, because the story starts with the man (Justin) who donates blood. And if I’m not mistaken, his blood was donated and given/taken by Joyce. Since Justin is someone who learns a lot about art and architecture, so, a lot of impressive and shocking things happen to Joyce.  (they interconnected to one another)
For example, she can talk and give ideas about the names of some old building during her vacation with her dad in Chicago, etc. It is something odd, because she herself has no idea how she can say those names and knowledge. Hence, yeah, let me finish the book first, and I will tell more if I’d be free in the future. Hehe (please know about my packed schedule ok) J

9th of Feb -6.49 pm
Hey, I still cannot let go of the book. It just glued me to it, to keep reading it. Only when it comes to prayer  times, I will stop and continue reading. Hehe (lying if I were to say that I don’t eat)
Well, yes,  I am still reading the book. I intend to finish it by tonight. Gotta read all fiction books before academic books whisper to me to read them. Eh? :D

#The first day of class

I went to some classes, and I found myself always gotta sit at the back, which I dislike. Gonna grab front seats for the next classes. Right? Surely, I am not content to just sit and cannot speak my mind, my thought. But, I did just now. Even though I was at the back, I did raise up my hand and answered questions asked by Sir Ismail in his class. (No intention of showing off. This is just my personal diary/story/whatever you wanna call it. Ok?)
Actually, I have to attend some meetings on behalf of my bureau in Steadfast. TONIGHT. Unfortunately, I am still cannot walk properly and still in a state of hey-tunggulah-aku-jalan-slow-macam-kura2 kind of walking.haha. So yes, Damia did ask me if I was okay or not. I just said, “Im okay laaa. ” :D

Yes, I found this phrase, “smile even when you’re in sadness”. Something like that. So yeah, remember that it is just a small test, so that we can always remember all bounties that Allah had given.  Including walking as one of His nikmah.  
:’) And don’t grieve over something. You can, but not too much okay :)

P.s: I love you <3  - will be the next book to book.



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wah, semuanya buku cecelia.
sekarang tgh baca Lost symbol - DanBrown.

btw, hepi new semester