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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So called FINALS !

Assalamualaikum! *high pitch and excited*

How are you all? I know people in Malaysia are sleeping now, since my watch shows 3 am. Hehe. I know people have been so busy these days, hence they sleep early! and because they're hungry, so they sleep early. *wow, merepek-repek pagi pagi buta* ;p

One thing to announce, forgive me for a long silence! I have been so hectic now, with activities outside of class (being a Steadfast-ian is never easy :)
One thing for sure, to be one of the main board in Steadfast organization requires me to spend more time on any programs held by Steadfast. Of course. Even though it might disturb my schedule, but, for sure, let's remind ourselves about what we do in this world, everything can be IBADAH. Right? So, 'do charity' to my club members also might be rewarded kan?  :D

As same as other fellow IIUM friends, me , will be facing FINAL EXAMS! *batting eyelashes*
I wish all of you the best of luck  ok? :)  This can be our success or our failure (nauzubillah). So, in order to make sure that this finals can be our success, let's struggle!  And hold to the faith that our effort should be together with prayers and tawakkal to Allah. :) InsyaAllah~
Regarding our carry marks from quizzes, midterms, etc, let's top-up the mark with a high mark in finals k :)
(I'm in full spirit now) XD

So yeah, let's make early preparations and wish us the best of luck.
I'm dedicating this to all fellow classmates and friends generally :)



To end, good night. Assalamualaikum :)



Lyea said...

Congrats sarah sebab naik (Steadfast) :) <3

sarah saadi said...

eleh cik pah.. poyo je kan?? hehe