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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everyone is given 24 hours per day.

This is to open your eyes. And to make us be more grateful from day to day. And to be more relax. some of us might do, and while some might not.

Exams? Is that what everyone should be afraid of? Why dont we start from now, even though it is not around the corner. There is nothing wrong with it.

What? *pretend to listen* No time? Sure, because you're busy and everyone else does not busy. *sarcasm* But, wake up-lah! Everyone is only given 24 hours per day, and it is same with us, with you.

I have one suggestion to overcome all clumsy-thing-to-get-over-and-make-you-start-with-actions.
TO WRITE ON A PAPER. There is no use of just saying it using your tongue and SAVING it in your BRAIN. I did the mistake. I do. I'm no perfect right? Only Allah is All-Perfect. Hence now, start to write ANYTHING that comes to your mind, and do them one by one. insyaAllah, you'll be more organized and little by little, all list that you have will be reduced. Sure they work! try it! :)

thank you Google! You've helped me to reduce all the list of assignments that I have . :)))

-if and if everything would be served on Internet-     -.-''


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