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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why we need to waste every RM 1.50?

Why we need to waste every RM 1.50?
Why you think it is such  a waste, when it comes to 'top-up' your knowledge?
Why we talking about RM 1.50 with knowledge?
The answer is, BUYING A NEWSPAPER! :)

Why I'm talking about one ringgit and fifty? Online newspaper is also available. (we are in a technology time by the way) Why? Because for me, it is not fun-nable (haha. my own language.dont mind). I would prefer 'the manual one' :D I know the online newspaper is free of charge, but for me, it is not satisfying!

If it's possible, then use the money every day, so that you will not be left behind with updates on each single day. Why I talk about this and encourage you to buy newspapers? So that you know when your lecturer is talking about current issues in class. You are such a shameful geek when you dont know what they're talking about. haha (my experience)

And, another advantage is that, when you read newspaper, you will look like someone who is so smart, like someone who will be in parliament. hehe. one day. insyaAllah. It's a du'a anyways! :)

Third of all, with the assistance of newspapers to top-up your knowledge, you can help your friends who will be asking you about some current issues that they will be like 'someone-who-geleng-geleng-dan-geleng-geleng'  and raised one eyebrow (sambil buat muka macam faham walaupun tak faham.haha) in class. especially when they know nothing about that. Trust me that they will ask someone who knows better and solve their confusion. who else, IT'S YOU! ^^  *my experience too* ;p

Fourthly, you can be a skillful linguist, especially when you read a newspaper that you familiar with. It's either Malay, English, Arabic, Mandarin, etc. Yes, there is no boundaries when you want to learn new language (or some other languages that you intend to be a good speaker at) . Newspapers can help you with that. It's fun right? It can help you both in writing and speaking of course!  :D

In addition of being a linguist, by buying newspaper, you can also advertise your stuff. For example, The Torch (an official newspaper in IIUM), of course it is the nearest medium to adv our stuff. :D *promoting the Torch*  And yeah, you can also recycle the papers and get a loooot of money! *insert the sound of coins*

I do envy the writers -.-' Kudos to all of you. :)

As a conclusion,  newspapers can give us a lot of advantages, instead of disadvantages. buy newspapers so that you wont be left behind. Im just been sharing here. Have a happy Friday!
Salam :)

 P.s: All pictures are courtesy from Google. Thank you Mr Google. :D


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