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Friday, October 21, 2011


Salam people.

After this 'thing' happened in UIA, I feel like changing my course (English) to Laws.
I just wanna see how people think. I just wanna know how the 'upper class' of people see Malaysia.
I mean, dont they see the world like how it needs to be reviewed? Or, dont they see what SHOULD BE SEEN and what should be SHOWN to all citizens? What I mean is, the truth behind all this.

We wanna live in a fair society. There is nothing wrong of voicing out opinion. There is nothing wrong of saying something true for the sake of the ummah. I know, some students or some people just dont know what happens around them. Probably, they just back home, back to their room, watching movies and just listen to some songs. But hey, wake up ! For those in tertiary education, we should get to know what happens in the society. At least, we can be a responsible citizen. I dont mean to blame everyone, but just to make us ponder over small things that we sometimes, dont see it as a big deal.

TRUTH- like everyone should see. We are blinded. If Allah did make the people during Jahiliyyah blind to see the truth, yes, we also should know that we are blind too. The way 'the society' "spoon-feeding" us is just a matter of 'eating without seeing what has been fed to you". Seriously, bangkitlah mahasiswa!

P.s: Im not being direct here. What I mean is, WE WANT FAIRNESS. That's all.  :) Peace!

Thank you for reading!

Love, S.


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