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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Touch your heart and say "ALL IS WELL". :)

Salam people.
Hoping that all of you in good health and in the life of Islam. Alhamdulillah.  :)

The last post was on the last week right?
So, just want to share here about my schedule for this semester. I mean, my mid terms dates.
(dates here is not referring to the fruit that we eat mostly during Ramadan.hahaha)

Well, even though ALLLLL OOOOFFF MYYY DATTESS will be stated here for thousand times, I know nothing can change. Im not saying that I dont have to put effort to get success. You get what I mean?
So far, I have participated in all classes (have tried my best). Even though I may get nerve-wrecking all the time when I need to speak to the class or LOUDLY to the lecturer in order to ask question, i do, feel, nervous.
People may see me as being like confident (lah sangaaat),.. But the truth is, Im not. T_T
Well, my lecturer once said. She said that talking in front of people is the most fearful thing to do, compared to heights, snakes (my fear), insects, etc. *(as they have conducted a research). Thus, you know, if you feel like having a presentation, just say to yourself, "ALL IS WELL" for three times. :DD thank you, Mr Handsome Amir Khan! :D

Oh yeah, the dates for my mid terms are all on Q. I just cant imagine how stressful I would be during the dates. Its just around the corners, anyways. The gap of the dates is just like one day, or not gaps at all. T_T
the most lovely one, is because, my Prophetic lecturer doesnt want to give permission to sit for my Arabic midterm. She said, thats her time. you cant take here time to sit for other exams. -.-''
Okay, I dont know. Probably I just go to the class, and out on the time of the exam. *confused still*
Arabic paper is the first, and the last one is on the 2nd November. And then, after the Mid break, I'll be presenting for Sociolinguistic's class. (another one mark for my calendar) T_T
But just wish me luck, peeps!

I just can pray that Allah will help me. I know there should be some stressful times. So, to all friends ,
think of the bounties that we have. Allah is there.

Allahu a'alam. :)


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