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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It should be beneficial for everyone :))

Assalamualaikum dear readers. :))

I havent updated this blog since a few weeeeeeeks ago right? Have been busy for certain reasons. Im sorry.
But anyways, lets talk about something that would be beneficial for us. Or maybe I will include my activities too. Unfortunately, there was no photos about what I did on the last few weeks, in those hectic weeks. And again, Im sorry. If you were taking History, any sayings that has no evidence wont be accepted, right? But, it's okay, this is just a his-story of myself! hehe

Well, I should say that Allah loves me so much. Why? Because Allah knows whats best for me. I know that Allah has planned every single thing for me. So, in order to be calm and sincere in accepting faith, I think its better for me (or us) to have faith in Him at the first place. What say you? Okay, lets look to what I had had back. Well, I have studied like crazy for a quiz that has 10 marks. but then, when it comes to the day of the quiz, I was excited because I thought that I can get all correct. (Well, I know I had too high expectation, right?) But yeah, that is just my target. But not what Allah has planned for me, even though I thought that I can get all correct. In order to make the story brief, I did not get all correct. The questions comprise of 20 questions, but I did not get all correct. So, what is the consequence if I only use brain without have faith in Qada and Qadar? I was (repeat, I WAS) soooooo depressed! T_T Well, everyone should know this is my new semester that I aimed for better CGPA. I dont want to get low pointer like from the previous semesters. T_T

..............And Sarah's story is continued.... :))

And yeah, I was sad. I was unhappy with my result. At that time, I forgot to be thankful to Allah. What if I got below 5, what if I got the worse result than the current one. What if, I got all wrong?! And, that is when I realize that Allah knows best for me. Maybe, if Allah were to give me all correct, I wont put so much effort for the future mid-term, other quizzes, and finals! right? Okay, that is also from Allah, that make me realize how to have STRONG FAITH in Him. To have faith that we should be grateful for every single thing in life. Thus, Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal, ya Allah....  :')

......Another stories should be continued, after my own story. hehe :D

This was just another story to be told to everyone, or all my friends out there.

Last week, I have joined Steadfast to open a booth, in the area of riverside. But then, since the location is not too suitable, and people did not pass along that way, we decided to move to the side where people were pass along, from CAC to the center of UIAM. So, there were we, selling and shouting to promote our booth, under the bright shining of sunshine! haha. For your information, the booth was for charity fund, because our club of Steadfast will donate the money for the poor people in the area of KL and Selangor.  What makes it interesting and grabbed my attention was,.. There was one sister (a foreign student) that came to  our booth. She said that she did not want to buy anything, but she want to donate. See? You see what she did? I was touched, like seriously. :') Well, thank you sister. I have a lot to tell, but, forgive me, my books are waiting for me. T_T

Okay, maybe the stories are enough for today. I will try to recall on what happened to me a few weeks ago. ;p In terms of academic, I think I love with what I've learned so far. A bit and a bit, i think my love for English is getting deeper and stronger. :') I love you BENL <3 Well, I know some people being stereotype to our course. screw youuu! But then, I think I will never able to satisfy everyone. Right? People,.. they are so complicated to handle. Including me?haha And, for the moment, I have one class that requires me to do presentation in every single of class. I'd take it positively, because I know that they are actually to build my self confidence. Even though, I always get depressed and sad when I dont present to the class after I have prepared everything! T__________________________T thats my fault, I know.

So far, I have tried to be participated in every single class, so that the lecturers will know that there is a student named SARAH SAADI. haha. XD
Well yeah, I am taking seven slots / subjects in this semester. 18.5 c.hours, if Im not mistaken. So, for now, Im happy that I dont depend on facebook anymore. (because Facebook just make me addicted, and I'll ignore my books. So sorry dear bookies. LOL) I just hope that my target for this semester to get a higher and better CGPA will be realized. Amiin. InsyaAllah..

Can I list down the subjects that Im taking? :)
- Prophetic History
- Grammar Analysis
- Introduction to  Socioloy
- Introduction to History
-Introduction to Sociolinguistic
- Novel and Short Stories
- Quranic Language!

So, there are all subjects. The first subject is the one that I should be presenting in every single class. The lecturer wont speak anything, because she just wait for her students to speak. Thank you madam :)
There are some that would be killing me in terms of mental and physical. haha.
But anyways, if there is a will, there is a way! :)

Allahu a'alam. Wassalam.  ^^

....................................commercial break...................................    :)


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