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Sunday, July 3, 2011

True friendship is from a pure heart.


no doubt, i love pretty friends who have pretty hearts.   :)

Ya, saya ada terasa dengan kawan-kawan yang tak berapa dipanggil kawan.
Apa nak buat. Buat baik mestilah dibalas baik. Buat jahat jangan sekali . kan ?  :)

Walaupun dekat, but i never felt that we're close.
It seems like we are too far away.
But, thanks anyway for the 'previous' friendship that you had given me. :)

P.s: A strong girl is someone who cries at night and smile when she wakes up in the morning  :)

yes, there are still A LOOOOOT OF other friends.
I should be thankful for having a lot of crying shoulders. :)

foot note: Thanks Imah, for such a motivational message. I appreciate it. Love you :)


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