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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you ready for July?

salam. whats up guys? its third July already.
hows life? hows iman? (i should ask myself this) T_T
well, there are some problems that clinging to myself. actually, its not a problem, but a TRIAL for me, since 
I think I've suffered from back pain a lot of times. T_T semoga semua ini mampu melenyapkan dosa2 saya yang lalu, pada masa kini dan akan datang. amin~~
i dont know whats wrong with it, whether it relates to pms or not, but i hope it's  a normal thingy for women. I hope. i hope. T_T because it does happen most of the time. 

Dear Allah, please protect my family so that they always in your blessing and free from bad things. 
Something happened at home. I just hope that they're fine and safe. Amin ya Allah, . aminn..

July, please be kind to us. :) 


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