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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shawl tutorial? maybe not. -..-

Salam people. Actually, this morning, I planned to sleep after took my sahur. 
as usual, if you plan for anything, you wont do it. oh yes, I WONT DO IT.usually.

and this morning, it happened again, when I was like, 
"ok,ok, sekejap lagi. ok,ok, 10minit lagi. ok, 5 minit lagi." xD

Then, I was like, ok, enough looking at time. Tiba-tiba, terasa nak tengok shawl tutorial by Maria Elena.
so yeah, as 'sengal' as she is, I watched them over and over again. 
So, you know what I would do right? Take the shawl and use webcam to snap some photos.
I know it's 'poyo' or whatever, haha, just shut up once you read my blog. ok? *evil laugh*
Well, yeah, now it's time to put one or two (maybe one is enough), so check this out! >,<
*covering face. blushes*

tadaa! *muka buat-buat suprise* xD

please ignore all 'kedutan' on my shawl. =.=
and ignore the 'morning face' too. lol. i hope u dont mind.

thanks for reading! tata :D


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