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Thursday, June 9, 2011

very much thankful. :)

great things may happen in a blink of eye. maybe only through one person, who gives big impact to your life.
So, remember to be thankful.
last but not least, pray for something better for the days ahead :)

to 'you' , thank you.
i'm sorry for your positive abilities that i called as silly, and angry at, and cry at. :(
thanks for anything that i forgot to say thanks, from the moment we became friend and friend until today.  :)

it sounds stupid, but, that is love. you hate it like hell, but you love back like hell too.
so, its better to listen to 'what the hell' by Avril Lavigne. haha ok lawak tak jadi :p

fall in love is something that you must think you can give commitment of. not only for a few months, years, but, for the rest of your life. :')

ok, tu je. dah habis ceramah rumah tangga pada hari ini
babai! wassalam~

when boredom strikes, webcam is the best victim. XD

p.s: the song in this blog is very sweet, right? he counts each and every day to say thanks  :') Sila LIKE! XD

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