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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is sweet. Happy 2011 :)

Salam guys. Here are just some sort of photos to feast your eyes. 
yes, so that I can share my happiness with you. :)
Im sorry if the photos might be a bit annoying. haha.
No hard feelings , okeh! :D

*scroll down*
and more
(konon la orang suprise) :p
sila buat muka terkejut sekarang! haha.

nah. sila bersedia. tengok sampai juling senyum.

nampak macam atas red carpet tak? haha. macam model ape tah. :p

konon lah diet kan? keluar je dah lupa daratan dengan diet.
ampuuun abang diet! T__T

main benda ni paling best! main sampai bising-bising sampai apek2 jeling tengok kitorang.
misi berjaya membuat bising di tempat awam. hahahaha. *gelak jahat*

yosh! ada gaya pemenang terbaik bola paling banyak masuk longkang tak??
zzzzzzzzzzz =.=''

Happy new year, people! :)

main sampai lupa diri. lupa segala duka. :)
hanya ketawa bersama sahabat mampu mengubat hati.
(ceewah ayat tak boleh blah) *muntah*

*malu sambil pegi check penimbang berat sekali lagi*
=.='' popeye jahat sebab buat aku fail diet. :p

hai  Lina sweetyyy! :)

this is kind of sweet. dont u think ?
love u, babe..  :)
and, this last picture is out of topic.hehe


i was at the back.(who's looking to the camera. i was late for class. hahaha)
 this was during Drama class. and yeah,in front were Amy and Lana.
Dont worry. its only a mask that make them have that face,
They're more beautiful than that. dont worry :)
We wore mask coz our lecturer asked us to wear mask during class.
 you know people zaman greek wear mask for their plays, right?
(aku rasa budak BENL je paham term2 tu.,hehe)

Okay, this is all what i wanna share about, for some  happiness that I have had.,
and please, appreciate all friends around us.
I love you friends! I miss all of you :')

P.s: even though you are not in here( photos), trust me that you are in my heart 
(sedih oh) *kesat air mata* 

Love, Sarah :)


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