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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Panda :)

Once upon a time, there is a panda who always love her partner.  However, their story is always full of complications and difficulties. She prays hard to make her always in good mood, so that she can smile upon the day, and bright up her day. However, something happened. And yes, she is still a student until now. She brings books to class everyday. (isn' she cute? hehe). Surely, life is up and down. Thus, there was one day when she met all complex problems (in health). Yes, she was sick. :( Pity her that she has to walk slowly to class, and that makes her movements are not that good to be active. 

8.30 am : she was sick. 
SARAH FEELS SICK   SARAH FEELS SICK  sick sick and sick. 

12.00 am: she was praying hard to greet her partner panda 'thru the air'.
SARAH IS TIRED she was tired once got back from her class.

she was done with this, this and that.,

But in the end, she was SARAH FEELS VERY SAD That is what makes her lose happiness just in a second.

At that time, she tot that she would skip her class. but then ,Allah gives her strength to go to class, and become a cute student who sits in front. hehe. :p

* u will be frustrated with this story*

u wanna know how is the panda now? she was in my closet,and i have no idea when she will go out. let her stay there. she wants to play hide and seek. =.='' psycho gila minah ni. kah kah :p

and i know the panda feels alone. SARAH IS FEELING ALONE    should i take her out? or, should i just let her stay alone, think about her mistakes? yes, she commits a crime to me. T______T

p.s1: kau tahu kan aku minat Balaghah sejak kecik? :D
*psycho kali kedua cakap sorang-sorang*

p.s 2: aku tau. aku sendiri pon kurang paham dengan cerita sendiri. hehe



afiqahmuslim said...

kesian panda..aku tau sapa panda tu..sarah ok dop la nie..sabar byk2 ea..

Sarah_Saadi said...

hehe... kah, ok doh nii. tq syg! :)