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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Talking to the Rain :')

run, look for a sunshine. it wont always raining :)

Dulu saya tak faham kenapa orang kaitkan hujan dengan kesedihan. rupanya, mereka asimilasikan hujan dengan kesedihan kerana rupa dan fizikal hujan yang dapat menggambarkan kesedihan, iaitu dengan mencurahnya hujan ke bumi sepertimana curahan air mata di pipi :(

note to self: wait and be patient with all trials. HE is there for you. ask and pray for him. There are so much differences between people who believe and not. Innallaha ma'ana.

p.s: Be home is fun, but make sure that you know how to control the consuming of DELICIOUS FOOD at home. hehe. be good, be optimistic, be patient, Sarah! Life is fair. Any good things or otherwise will come back to you. what goes around comes around. Smile more to show the strength of your heart. InsyaAllah..  :)

smile more, girl. :)


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