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Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I like you.

I have feelings that there is no words can describe the feeling. (cecehhhh) ;p
alah,, saje je nak mengade. haha.
let the pictures do the talking yeah!

if all messages in  heart can be printed out like this. :')


being different is special :)
hahahha. thats too special of love! lol

p.s: make prayers for our friends in Egypt. I'm getting anxious about their situations too.
 i love them.
dear Lord, please take care of them in and out. T____T
long distance prayers from Muslims throughout the world may help, insyaAllah. 



m_aizat said...

cinta itu tidak pernah meminta,
tetapi memberi sepenuh rela.. :)

sarah said...

yes btol2! hehehe. tq abg aizat! pray for us! :)