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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you think that majoring in English is all about language, think twice! it's Biology, peeps!

I have just finished studying Phonetics. the exam will be held at library at 3.30. so, wish me luck people! Here, just taking some time to update my blog. hehe. sempat lagi.
well, sme of u might think that english is just about some language. (some,if they r not really exposed, then, yes.) but, just wanna share u on how to make us know that we have a special gift from God, that we dont think much, because we cant see them. well, they're organs in our mouth. okay, try to open your mouth in front of mirror, and see what u have there. hahahaha. it is gross sometimes, even me, as one who needs to study for exam, studying in the middle of the night till morning , alone, in a very quiet morning, i was like, "eeeiiiiii geliiiiiii". hahaha! tapi nak tak nak kena lukis jugak, macam ape je. XD

sekarang pukul 6 pagi. lagi seminit. haha. saya sedang bosan sementara menunggu azan. :)
td dh penat study Phonetics. emm okay lah, orang dah azan. haha.
wanna see some pictures? courtesy goes to google for the photos. hehe. malas nak amik dari fon. :p
(well, coz of the messy table.hehe) ;p

glottal stop if fun! 
(yeah, the glottis at the bottom) :)

do this in front of ur mirror. seriously!
if you have a speech disability, tell me,. i know how to cure  ;p

ps: tadi dah tidur, tapi bangun balik sebab langsung tak sentuh buku lagi nak exam petang nanti.huhu.
so, wish me luck on my exams. life is not fun without exams. haha! but yes, think about it. life will be fun. caya sama gua! okey bye! :D  wassalam.  :D

hahaha! lol lol XD


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