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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Money counts nothing for a happy family. :)

As I have got my money today, I found out that my dad has transferred me a lot of money to my account. (thousand ringgit). somehow, I realize that Im not happy. WHY? because i dont think they get my best yet. and, im not sure if they REALLY HAPPY with me all this while , and if, they are satisfied enough for being my parents. these are questions that linger in my head. and im sure you guys would feel the same too, as long as we have heart. right? :) we know that time flies fast, a lot of assignments here and there (all on Q, waiting for their turn to be taken by us). but, we can spend time to call our parents right? so, no need some thoughts. just call them on spot whenever we need them. (does mean that only in need, then thats the ONLY time that we can make calls). hehe. okay, i wanna call my parents now. abah, mama, wait for my victory. i love you! xoxo

a beautiful happy colourful family. :)

dad, u can be angry and scold me like this when i was annoying enough at home.
but i love you still! hehehhe XD XD

p.s: homesickkkkkk :'(


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