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Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is totally not fair!

Can I cry now? I’m seriously missing my family. huaaaaaaaa. Abah,rinduuuuuuuu :’( adik, mama, afiq, syiroh (err musuh aku). Ah, rindu semua!! :’( How can i say that i don’t miss them when i cant stop looking at their pictures, and put them on my desktop? L Seriously, this is sick! T__T
While looking at the pictures, suddenly cries and cant stop listening to sad songs. Err ‘lame’ nya aku. =.=’’

I’ve called them. Just reloaded my credit on phone. Celcom get back what i’ve borrowed from them, with the profit 50 cents.  Cis. Riba kau, Celcom! :p After got my credit (with only rm5, I’ve called all of family members at home. Like, i was calling nenek (even though I know that she was sleeping already), I’ve called Abah, Ma, Adik, Afiq, and everyone in the house. Yes, I don’t call my catdong-sister :P. Haha. Coz we always fight. See? Aku ego kan? hehe. Padahal rindu jugak ;p Then , I hang up the phone and checked the credit. And the balance was only 77 cents. Cis again for making me papa kedana bab kredit. Nak miskol orang US pon tak mampu weh. Hahhaa. Awk tu tolong transfer some money please. Hahaha. Kidding LOL.

Uh okay, gotta stop, people. I wanna dream all beloved people around me. Errrrr actually, still in a process of finishing my assignments of Islamic Ethics. Lusa dah kena hantar. Some more pages.  -.-‘’ 
There are still a lot more tasks on Q, okeh? They are waving hands to me, to take them to be done. Nampak? ;p *psycho*

p.s: Anyone who is taking Islamic Ethics with Dr. Amilah Awang? Or, have taken? :)

my assignment of Islamic Ethics entitled "forgiveness''.
yes, pardon me. and, i'd forgive you too :)


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