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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tiring camping, yet exciting.

It’s been three days to be in a thick jungle. So, me and my groupmates are all there, when we were doing things together. The events are mostly about module. Thus, we cant say that is dull, yet, everything is very wonderful and make me to appreciate friendship even more. Thanks, friends! Even though im very tired right now, and i feel very empty inside, i should say that im very happy. (aku tengah blur). Well, we can say that everything is just very fun. As a result from the camp, saya tengah  sakit belakang, sakit paha, sakit kaki,dan sakit segala macam lagi. Well, thanks. It teaches me how we need God too, masa kitorang buat night walk. (even tough dia dah macam jungle trekking coz its more challenging). Coz we have to climb so called gunung laa. Im very tired on that night. Feeling like wanna give up in THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND IN THE THICK JUNGLE. I told myself that i cant cry too L well, i had been tough, and yes, I DID! Well, i know that all Steadfast-ians are very supportive, yet they are very genius. As said by abang dari Alumni  tu. Hehe (lupa nama dia plaksss) :p btw, im very blur and need some rest. I know my words are soo tunggang langgang, beserta dengan grammar and everything. Aku tengah blur. Sekian. :D


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