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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011, is a new year of new wishes to be achieved. :)

''be as harworking as ants. their works also are so organized"

Salam. I should say that today is kind-of-nice day to me, since I am sooo rajin updating blog, and so rajin  basuh baju, and so rajin making myself open books (at least), since I am so not in mood yesterday. (including  have no appetite to eat). =.='' what the hell is going on? have no idea, man. Btw, I have something in my head that, ''ten days feel like ten years". I do. I do feel so much down when I make myself think about it. And yesterday, I found this.

- in order to wish someone(or your friends for their exams or something), it is wrong to say "good luck for your exam'', or "good luck to your exam". Okay, i got a new knowledge now. You know what? I used this "good luck for your exam'' for my entire life as it turns to 20 years old ( and tomorrow, I am gonna get older, to turn to 21.hehe). Well, okay now, everyone, let say thanks to Ben Bradshaw (im not sure if this spelling is correct). And yes, thanks to this cute guy for teaching us English, especially, his American English. korang boleh add dia kat fb ye? dia kiut banget!! hehe.  :)
eh eh, and, the correct way of saying "good luck" is "good luck ON your exam!". it sounds weird for me, even though it's true, because I used to use the wrong one. hehe. malu =.='

Btw, just wanna wish everyone, "happy new year!". Yes, we can make some lists, but we have to make sure that everything will be accomplished. Right? :) And yeah, I miss to be busy back! Can I? (If not, then I would have all negative feelings around me,if I do nothing to spend my time). I keep thinking of all useless things too) :(

eh eh, btw, i got myself to be ashamed on with this picture. (aku memang suka malukan diri sendiri. HAHA)
this picture, please scroll down :D

Kenapa tah mesti muka camtu kan? HAHA. ke sbb tak setuju dengan Pali? HAHA
(klik untuk tumbesaran gambar yang lebih baik)

My pretty Sab! :)

Anyways, I'm wishing u guys for a blessful 2011 to achieve all ur dreams. Wait for 12am tonight, and u are  older than before.hehe. May our dreams come true, and be the best to everyone around us. Be mature too, since everyone will get their ages to be added up to one more year, even though it is not totally correct, if u want to count ur age thru ur birthday date. hehe. Come on, just admit that u are old lah. No regret of being mature okay! :D


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