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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ice-cream makes me scream!!

I think I cant be too emotional, because of how people lead their life. terasa hensem? cuba hantuk kepala kat dinding. sakit tak? grrrrr! =.='' i think u guys can predict this, why i should act this way, stupidly. Or maybe, I have felt something wrongly, and make it as su'uzzon. Is it? Hey lelaki, kalau kao rasa kau hebat sangat, cubalah hidup sorang. Lepas tu, cuba kau naik ats bukit, cuba terjun, kau hidup lagi tak? (aku tahu aku kejam. tapi nak bagi sedar je sikit.) yes, im annoyed. and im so tak-boleh-blah dengan perasaan ini. and hell yeah, good bye boastful man. (he's nobody to me. dont get me wrong. he's just a stranger, that i need to make all of u dont act this way). i mean like, dont feel too great about yourself when you achieve something. yes, you can feel great about yourself., but please think about other's perception too, on how you are making people judge you. come on lah. ni hah status fb aku :

 If you think you are great and nobody can challenge you, wake up. Look down on your feet, and see how high the sky is. Please slap hard on your face too. coz you are dreaming.

Okay, done with this anger. need to get some fresh air, and waking people up from their dreams. (banyak Balaghah disini ye). 

Thank you, amazing world! :)

wanna scream out loud!!! 


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