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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

just to feast your eyes :)

i met a korean girl! a day before AGM starts :D

hello miza! stay strong, girl!

four awesome ladies!
this is cute! :D

sultan bertitah diatas singgahsana

with silah and fit :D

zul and iera :D

cute face from silah and syafiq  :p

tiba2 je aku smpai masa fotografer nak amik gamba.
jd hyper mlm tu. sorry :p

pendekar2 melayu steadfast :D

hi hello!ok bye! :D

*waving hands*
night! sok nak derma darah., hehe. :D

thanks for reading!



Amin Misran said...

These women are OSM indeed.

P/S: OSM (Awesome)

sarah ;) said...

sapeeeeeeee? amin, nak suh i belanja ke? hahahha. awesome? eh THESE? ingat i sorang. HAHA

Amin Misran said...

nak belanja leh gak...

Ice cream makes me scream!