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Monday, November 29, 2010

. It is Slightly Changed. :)

I have changed my picture of my header. (as you can see) J
So, kindly drop off some comments about the picture, and to make it more interesting, you can rate me from  10 stars to 0 as you know, 10 stars is the highest.  J 

Btw, if you are my IIUM friends, please remind me the date of our finals. You know that this is too enthusiastic to be home with a lot of cool stuff here and there, right? Haha. Worried if i am far left behind with all updates from university.   -__-‘
And, and, and, about the header stuff, you can ask me if you want me to change to another picture. (ceh macam contest plak.) and, you can tell me what picture is suitable. I’m running out of  ideas.

Btw, i used the mask is surely to tell feelings and there is art value of course. Even though it is quite lame, but, please PRAISE ME for my hard work. Hahaha. You think it’s easy to resize the picture?! You know, I am soooo not expert in techno things. LOL. Silly.

Nothing much to say about this,
Itu semua kerja Tuhan. :)

nak tahu kena check my facebook lah. LOL

i'll be going to Bukit Merah on 4th. so, will be back to UIA on 6th for a program.
whatever it is,
im still in the mood of holiday-ing,. :D :D
*dancing on the floor*

wassalam. :)


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