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Saturday, October 23, 2010

. Life Must Go On. :)

salam people. sorry for not updating this blog. sori ye encik blog. (blog saya lelaki.hehe)
btw, the past few days was just a miserable time for me. so yeah, im hoping for sth better.
my heart broken into pieces. oh well, im still alive., Alhamdulillah.
i do admit that the river cries. but yes, life must go on, right? i love people around me! all of my frens and family. xoxoxo

tonight, i think im in good mood. (even now). its just that, im soo much happy becoz of sth has to be done with Steadfast. well, we had our first AGD, as the first year student here. junior la katakan. hehe. i forgot he name of the place, but it was enjoyable. Alhamdulillah.

dear sacred book of Kalamullah, u're saving me. and plz save me from the hellfire too. :)
btw, im thinking for being part of dean list people. eventough it sounds bit ackward and weird and impossible, but, i CAN STRIVE for it, right? so, fighting! Good luck to all my friends too. :)
tonight, i have to give my gratitude to Afiqah, Iera, N Meer, for being people of making me happy tonight. Nasibah and Lina too. :)
yes, i can forget the past.,lets be gone by begone., nyahahhaa. aku dah lupa ape phrase tu weh. tehehhe
so, buat2 paham lah ye? hehe

btw, ALhamdulillah juga sebab dpt update blog., kdg2 blog tak diupdate sbb mud jugak.hehe
so, forgive me yahh :)
and, okay., i need to wake up early for subuh. takut subuh gajah plak. hihi
okay bye! night!

p.s: nice to be among single people. hueh3 XD
- will upload some photos later. if ingat lah. hehe
so, take care. i love u ppl! xoxo

so, set our goals and achieve it. make a move!
(wah, aku semangat malam nih.hehe)


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