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Friday, September 24, 2010

. we call it beauty of life. Alhamdulillah .

Entah kenapa, semalam dan beberapa hari yang lepas, saya tak ada mood. so most of my fb status was all about sadness. T__T okay, in order to overcome the sadness, i've edited some pictures, so that i'd still remember that there are still a lot of people who love me so much. eventough they havent utter a word, but i know the love is there still. awww   I LOVE YOU, FRIENDS.  you complete this imperfect me :') Thanks a lot. words cant describe it how much I love you. 

and anyway , lets feast our eyes with my humble work. my comments while doing this was, "ooohhhh god. be patients Sarah.". okay you know why? ok. lets imagine if you were editing pictures, then it's suddenly stuck and hang. isnt that burning? huaaaah. so, to finish up only ONE PHOTO, it takes about ten times to REFRES, EDIT the NEW one.. UNDERSTAND?? hahaha. tiba2 emo. but, anyhow, Alhamdulillah that i managed to finish up and get the results. here are some lovely people that always stand behind me in thick and thin of life. :) (eventough some are still not here, you know i love you.) ^.^

MOM (yes, my second mom)

Time: during the first Syawaal.
Venue: Kelantan. i WAS home :(
P.s: nak balik lagii.

IIUM buddies, aka jiran2 tetangga sama mahallah.hehe

Izzah Hanim . (ejah, this is one of my edited pictures)

Dahiyah: she's in UKM and we're having 
some slow talk before. haha.
jangan marah ye mc yah ! ^.^

this is also one of the best moment. 
okay, i admit that this is MY BEST SYAWAL,
because i've got the chance to meet all my old friends.
huaaa! seronoook! :)

ehem. this is just "orang jauh"
all the best ya. 
and good luck for the exam.

so people, do not get upset if you are not in.hehe. maybe you can give me some photos, and i will upload it some other time. hehe

my studies progress? 

- need to get prepared for my Poetry Class Project. (me, in a group of Music)

- ready for RASOK Presentation by the next two weeks i guess. (14 th October). 
p.s: this is the only reason for me to wake up early, so that i can finish up slides for the presentation.

- just finished with Poetry Quiz.  eventough I know that its not that convinced to get a high mark. hoho. redha sahajaaa. sbb  kelas kitorang je hari tu yang tiba-tiba miss sheena nak bg kuiz.hoho. all the best, my classmates! ^.^

okay, eventough this is my hard time, i believe that this hard time will turn to sweet moment when we leave them, right? so, lets appreciate life and live your life.we call it,



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