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Friday, September 24, 2010

. dear my Lord,,. listen to me..

dear Allah,
sometimes I feel hurt.
But I know nobody is perfect.

ya Allah,
please make me realise that everyone is doing mistakes,
and me as well, can do mistakes too.

Dear Allah,
im hurt, yes im hurt,
but please dont make me that delicate ,
so that im strong enough and not in mood all the time.

dear Allah,
i do love my friends,
and i want them to always be happy.
i know that they belong to me, and i love them,
but plz, make me strong. as strong as a lion king.
it's strong, aint it?

dear my LORD,
I seek for ur forgiveness.
plz forgive me.,
i need you. I NEED YOU.
make me strong.
give me the right path of life.
amin. amin. amin.

we need you, our Lord.
amin ya rabbal a'lamin.


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