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Thursday, August 5, 2010

. the time to be a new member .

i'll be going out in a few minutes time, okay, to be accurate, it is at 8.30. and now, its 7.12. haha. kiralah sendiri! :D

haa. i 've received message from steadfast about two days ago. semalam sebenarnya. we had to undergo an interview and now, i have been selected. tehehe. and yeah, im happy too. just feeling lucky to be selected, since quite a lot number of my friends havent been selected.maybe its because of my excitement during the interview. hehe. sampai abang tu cakap, ''wah, ni dah betul2 mahu nih!''.hehehe. yes:)

and just wish me all the best. tata! need to get ready and have my dinner before going to AIKOL department. XD
take care! till then. wassalam ;)

this is the only pic i have been used for a long time on fb.
and i've changed it so many times too. sebab macam suka my face expression. hehehe XD
[memories at PCB with maahadians friends]

Sarah Saadi ;D

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