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Thursday, August 5, 2010

. more about Steadfast first meeting .

Now is the time for all Malaysians to get an enough sleep actually, so that mata tak bengkak pagi esok. hehe
but for me, mira, syaira and lina, i guess they are not sleeping yet, since all of us sedang mengadap lptop lagi . haha. oi, dah pagi lah! bila korang nak tido? haha. *tadaaa. lina baru keluar dari bilik pergi toilet. haha* XD

me and mira just had undergone our first Steadfast meeting which was held at AIKOL Dept at 8.30 pm just now. very tiring by the way. seriously, my eyes is getting sepet dan lagi sepet because mata is already get used tidur waktu nih,. okay, selepas ni mahu tidur. :)

tell u the truth, my back is very aching and tiring of walking along the way to back to our mahallah. haaa penat gilaaa! -___-''' bila nak kurus betul2 niii? heee~

sorry, no photos to upload since i forgot to take pictures during the first session of taaruf among steadfast members. just had so much excitement and wish to be a part of the team. hoyeahh ;DD
*Sangat semangat nmpaknye*. 

at first, we need to get to know each other(new members) to take all of each other's signs. and then , we moved on to the next module which had been the better of the first taaruf session i guess, since we need to memorize names, course, and their states. haa jenuh nak hafal smua. at last, we were required to take every committee member's signature. diorang dah macam artis oh. ramai kot yang nak amik fotograf  autograf diorang. XD

 by this Sunday, there is one more slot that need to be attanded, since we need to fulfill all THREE SLOTS or requirements, to be COMPLETELY SELECTED as steadfast members. and yeah,, this is just amazing since we can see who is very eager to be a part of the team, right? ohh good job kakak2 abang2, keep it up! ;D

seronok nak pergi jumpa adik2. hehe. boleh taak kalau cakap saya suka kanak2? ngeee~
no lah. just like the program is interesting enough. itu jee :)

okay. gotta stop. its already 2. 47am, and now, mata sudah berat. tangan sudah meminta untk berjumpa bantal dan panda saya, nampaknya. tehehe. 

a panda on my bed <3


5 days more, right? alhamduliilah :)

till then, people! wassalam :)

this is amira latif. yang suka ajak saya mandi malam . nanti nak report kat 'orang jauh'. ngehehe
*ye, saya memang g*di** haha

xoxo :)

Sarah Saadi xoxo

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