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Thursday, August 5, 2010

. i dont know why she cries with full-heartedly .

tadi ada terbaca blog seorang ibu ni. dia punya blog sngt menarik dengan ayat2 yang agak kelakar. and she's a teacher i think :) but anyway, those funny words are not anymore making me laugh. instead, it makes me cry sepanjang baca dia punya post tu. u wanna know why? because she tells almost every details of her undergoing during her pregnancy and the time she wants to deliver her baby. it touched me so much, that my mother also faced this hardness in life. "kakak blog" ni baru melahirkan anak pertama. so, mungkin sebab itu pengalaman itu sungguh berharga. and i dont know why, i've cried. maybe its because of my imagination to imagine that i also will be facing that difficulties in life as what she had experienced. haa. the baby is cute too! ;) SANGAT SANTEEEK DAN COMEEL! <3

And it shows how her husband is really there for her, the time she is in trouble. yes, the moment your mother deliver you to the earth, its the time when she needs to think that she will survive for the new life or die. no wonder pahala untuk ibu yang melahirkan ni banyak gugur. mesti ibu2 yang kita tengok tu muka bersih je kan lepas diorang beranak? sebab mereka sudah dihapuskan dosanya. haaa. mama, i miss u :(

hmm wondering. kalau nanti saya beranak dan deliver baby macam akak comel tu, boleh tak update blog lagi? hehe. tak pun minta hubby je yang update psl family kitorang. haha sweet tak? sweet tak? ;D

by the way, back to student's life,at 12pm, i need to attend my study circle. its kind of halaqah too dekat uia ni. and  and, i need to walk alone by myself. waah, rasa indipendent plak.haha. padahal tak de pape poon. huhu. okay. tata! till then people. 

p.s: wonder why i am soo 'rajin' hapdet blog skrg. ;D

RASOK assignment is waiting. poetry, writing and science of hadith. haaaa. tolong tenangkan hati saya, ya Rabb! T__T

Sarah Saadi xoxo

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