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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

. the moment she wants a lullaby for her inner-self.

i had just stepped in my room, or to be more detail , im in my compartment. you know how is a room with four compartments, right? hihi. yes, and now, im in my own 'small room'. just got back from mandarin class and now, i have no idea why i was sooo sakit perut. :'(

actually i just want your time to be taken here, so that i can be the thieft of your time. hehehe. 
i remember this phrase " procrastination is the thieft of time". :D
so now, im a thieft and not a robber. haha. ape lahh mengarut malam2 nih. ;p

actually, its nothing. i just wanna copy this to my new post. haha. 
what is the thing? u wanna know what it is? haha. okay, this is it. 

SARAH is the girl's name. she loves pink and would like to make everyone's face with that gorgeous colour.
she has a great family members which can comfort her, the time she is sad and happy. yes, they are her valuable diamonds. life is short and she knows that she cant keep on mourning over small things on every single day. she also has someone that called love to make her life in bliss. thanks to that person for making she glows in darkness. that is her star that she cant find others. her friends also are her drugs that she cant leave and become addicted with. plus, she is currently in a hectic life in UIAM Gombak majoring in English Literature. and if you would to become her friends, you are most welcome to be the one. Friendship is the addictive drug that she cant live without. Thanks everyone :D

if u notice, this is on a right side of my blog. hihi. saje jee nak habiskan masa korang. kan dah cakap. haha.
and tonight, im truly TIRED TIRED AND TIRED, like this word cant describe it. okay? 'haaagh. i know that i need to sleep, but i have to type some more stuff for my assignments. -___-

furthermore, i have slept this evening for quite  a lot number of time. haha. and yes, kena qada lah nampaknye sekarang ni. tomorrow's class starts at 8.30am. huuu. sangat awal nampaknye. cuma, i have to wake up early, iron my baju kurung, etc. baju sudah terkumpul dengan banyak menunggu ada bangla datang amik pergi laundry. heheh. but may be not. :P kena basuh sendiri. 

tomorrow's classes:
writing, revelation as source of knowledge and poetry. (with the poem "o captain my captain". XD
And the class end up at 3.20pm. huhu. then aci tak kalau balik tidur? huu. *dush! tampar muka sendiri sebab malas sangat. *

okay, gotta stop. its almost 1am already. to everyone, take care. and to my panda, wait for me to go to bed. haha. good niteeee ! <3

Sarah Saadi. XD Sila LIKE! XD

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