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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

. The Present is Now .

i would like to apologize for being late and i know its not a bit late,
but its realy3 late and i have to pay summont for that. ;p

actually, im already in IIUM in Gombak.
i've met a lot of foreigner friends and new friends, eventough 
some in class and some from outside the class and mahallah.
plus with the new environment, i've got a new mission! :)
must have a higher pointer for this semester.

eventough it is much to get 4.0, but i know everyone can try it first, right?
i vow myself for having such  a good motivation.
i really hope that i can decrease my weight by strolling a lot in UIA.haha
this is just sssooooo tiring, yet exciting if im motivated enough XD

and yes, to be far away and free from any contact from me and him is too much sadful,
but life must go on. i know that i can live my life freely and happily.
i know that im stroong! hoyeeeahh~

oh yes, friends, my total credit hour for this semester is 15.5. 
i've asked people and they said okay.
well, this morning,i've managed to change the day for my halaqah,
from saturday to friday.yay! bcause i got a new friend, named Nusaibah :)
hello dear! :)
*my leg got cramped for walking a lot.haihhh*

oh my God...i dont know why i cant express myself now,
eventough i have  a lot to tell actually.
maybe u just need to give me some more time,
so that i can gain the spirit back.alrighttt? :))

no bad mood, and always smile!
(note to myself and you tooo )
tata! wish me luck :)



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