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Friday, July 23, 2010

. im totally down i guess .

i know my friends on my fb can feel the sense of sadness that i felt
every single day with my fb status. idk why, but i know its because of him.
ok i admit that i need him whenever i need him.
i was like thinking
"why i cant get him whenever im in sadness''?
okay fine, its me who sends messages etc to him, and 
im the one who feels stupid too, for thinking too much about him.
(and he, might not)

well, yes, im angry.im mad, and im alone.
the time passed with all the tears fall on my cheek before going bed.
isnt it sad? life is tough, i know.
but, some changes still need to be done.
im worried if i give up on this, and thats make me even more sad after this.
im worried if the phrase of "cant live without you'' is lingering on my head.
thats what im worried about.

i know u need time for yourself.
but i need you too.
i was thinking like u've been selfish ONLY FOR URSELF.
sakit tahu taaaaak? ;'(

Im sorry to all readers. both of us cant get in contact for more than a month.
and maybe it can be some months.fineee. i hope its even longer.
so, i'll be crazy and insane.nauzubillah.
saya tertekan sangat. takut kalau ganggu konsentrasi belajar. plizzzz :(
ya Allah, help me.... i need you, i dont need him. 
i need u more than i need him.
i know ur always by my side. i need you. :'(

im sick and im tired of crying. sangat tertekan sekarang.
im trying to hide all the sadness, and yes, im happy with my friends.
ya ALLah, terima kasih. syukur sangat ada kawan2 yang baik2 sahaja ;)
sayang korang semua.
saya tak perlukan dia.
saya sakit hati.
satu mesej pun tak balas.
rasa macam , kalau ada orang mati, atau saya yang mati pun, mungkin 400 hari kemudian,
baru dia tahu. sakitnye. sakitnye hati. :'(

note: all the pictures below is the behalf of some love that i've shared to those lovely bonds :)
and they are who can heal my sadness and wipe the tears. 
i love u guys ;')
ini geng di kelas2 yang sama kos dgn saya. sayang ejah dan lina ;')

geng dorm di nilai dulu :)

yes.a student of IIUM :)
 i can live  by myself. i love them damn much. ;')
thanks for wiping out the tears. and i'll try to
be positive from time to time. 
saya sayang semua sahabat2 saya ;')

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