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Friday, June 25, 2010

. i want to smile! .

i'm sad....
eventough i've tried to be happy, and chill out,
plus, get rid of the sadness, it's still here.

i was like screaming and crying all over the time, 
so that the sadness can go out of me.
oh pleaseee, i dont need youu ;'((

the status on my facebook was
"Sarah Saadi, patience is the most needed here. Be strong.''

oh my God..i've spread negative charges already.
i'm sorry, people. i promise it will be fine sooner or later.
it just take some time to back to normal.
and yes, i need blogs to express this out,
so that i dont have to frown all the time, 
making a sad face. 
[ eventough i did. im sorry]

but im still smiling, to some friends, who make a joke.
heyy, come on! make some jokes, so that i can get the laughter,
and,,, and,, we can laugh together! :)

note to the person:
i feel like my fault who stop that first. :(
but then, if i havent, its still happen, right?
so yeah, i have to be rational in thinking.
also, REALISTIC. get out of me, negative thoughts!
alright, to be more mature thinking,
i will just stop and ignore all the sadness, and wait patiently for it to back to normal.

yes, Sarah is ALIVE! Thank God. 
:) u can see the teeth :)

wipe the tears, and ...

yay!! it's a WIDE GRIN! :DD

alhamdulillah.. make me strong. i want to be happy.

"laa tahzan. innallaha ma'ana''



InaSazlan said...

bkpo ni sarah saadi.hadapi hdup dgn sengehhh....

Sarah_Saadi said...

hehehe.okayyy.insyaallah :)