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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

. Lovely People Beside Me. ILY :)

actually, today's topic is about what i've had with my friends yesterday.
they are some friends from ABIM, during our primary school,
and some are from Maahad Perempuan KB-my secondary school.
maybe i can tell both of the reunions that we had :
first- PCB(Pantai Cahaya Bulan) = 18th June
second- KB Mall = 21th June

we had that great time together. on 18th June, we spent the night in a chalet,
where we can chat and talk to each other. till late at night.
till Kak Alia's voice sings lullaby to make us sleep.haha
kak alia kuat dok ngaca oghe tidur,sbb yo tido doh awal lagih.hehe.
aaaah. there were lots of girl's talk and friend's reminder to tell each other.
oh! how i miss you girls!  
for the plan, we thought that they would attend themselves around 18 people.
but Azzah got on nerves when some of them cancelled the plan at the eleventh hour.
but then, there are still some good side where we actually need to cut out the cost.
so, we decided to only have one room.
hey, can u imagine how pack the room is to have 18 people?huhu.
thats lucky enough laaa :))
tapi takpooo.sebab mok jah ngepek sikit jah.hehe.
tok penuh sebako pong.hehehe

so, here are some photos to show you how excited we were.
kan korang kan? ain pun cakap muka saya happy. cayalah! ngeee~

Kak Amni, Mok Jah,Waheeda,K.beah and me. (: 
hamek kaww! mcm ni pon tak excited lagi ke?haha.
ni dah macam kera mendapat bunga nih(?)
yaaaa...saya sukaaaa!! XD

oh yeaaah.more happy moment!yeeha! XD

whats wrong with the face expression? -___-''
but guys, i love this pic! seriously! (:

yesssss.semua ada! sayang korang !
thanks to the photographer. :))

Pesanan penaja: sep mung, aku ado gamba kat pool tu, tapi xsey buh daley ni sebab
aku napok gemuk etep.basoh kaaam?hahaha. maaf deh?
tapi comey! :)

the next reunion was when Irfah told us to gather at KBMall.
its two days later after the first one.huhu.
i was scared too, even just to get my father's permission.
worried if he didnt trust me anymore. betul ke abah?huuu~
the aim is to get closer to our members and friends that we have'nt get in touch for so long.
but then, ''not too suprisingly'', when only familiar faces get there and meet each other.
hah. its okayyy. at least, there are still chances to say hi :)

the first place was when i had to take a light breakfast- waffle and nescafe.
Mimi was the first to arrive, because she already got my warning to be early.hehe
then, Irfah, Zimah, Bella and Ziqah came.
and tadaa! we went to the food court.
but then, as usual, Mimi does not like the food there.
so, bella suggested to eat at Noodle Station.
rightttteeeee. my mee is not as good as Irfah's. haha. 
but Zimah who asks for my vegetables.hehe. ;p

the place is just in front of bowling site. so, we played there.
right after finished the food.
the drinks were marvellous!! XD
well, the mee was just "okay and not bad".huhu.

Bella, Zimah and me.
mee saya paling tak sedap ;(
diorang punya, sedap.;p

the blueee and the yellow one in the photo are sooo sexy!
nyum nyum! XD

move on to play bowling. huaaa! Ziqah won! they lost (im not.haha)

i have my shoes too! (i now u cant see it)
even we have to lie that we have socks.
u guys know that its a must to wear socks for their shoes?haha.
wangi ah kasut tuuuu ;p

ziqah, mimi, husna,bella, zimah, aku ^0^

okay. now, i have to nod, when some of friends from the first reunion said that
i'm universal, which has many groups of friends.. and yeah, i love them all! :-)
science classes and account classes dont matters.hehe

thank yooooouuuu! i love youuu buddies!!! 



n's eeyda said...

cik sarah cygggg,
i ada jgk gambar nie. ((:
ily too. :P

sarah ;) said...

hehhee. tq daaa... ;)
love u moreee and moooreee :))