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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

. The Fever of JB is Still On? .

people, i was just feel like laughing to watch that video.hahaha!
this is hillarious, man!
credit goes to Amalina Sazlan for showing me the video. thanks dear :)
(hey sweetie, i should get some commision for promoting you in my blog.hehe.kidding)

[ IM SORRY because the video size cannot be adjusted.]
Huu,,buruk sangat , because its too LARGE! T__T

hehe.if you wanna know how hillarious and funny this little cute girl, just search and click 'play' on YouTube.
then ready to laugh (if you can listen clearly. you know that she's sobbing.haha.)

if im not mistaken, her mother asked her, "why do love Justin Bieber?". then she said, "because i know HE LOVES ME BACK......".hahahahahaha! soo funny! okay fine sister, you can get him , so that i can be loyal enough to my boyfie.hahaha.

even more funnier, one of the comments in Youtube says, "me and my girlfriend had break up because of JB." haha.pity you, boy. you should understand your girl wants to be JB's fan.hehe~
(like me) ;p

this is a sweet comment that i've found :)

"Girls always talk about him and i really didnt like him but honeslty this was really amazing for him to do like most 15 yeas old would be backing off when a 3year old comes running towards them but He really was really sweet to her. I have grown respect for him now. Kudos to justin" :)

oh my god. did i say SWEET? does it mean that i'm obsessed with him??? hell no!
haha. i cant deny it, yeah? haha. im sorry JB. i just love to see your cute face. you're cute enough to have a cute sister like me. AHAHA. :p

Homaigod... i love his cute and cool hair! XD
okay people, i wont drive myself carzy over him. someone would scold me later if i were too obsessed T__T
Live your life to the fullest. Huu,,the time spent for blogging, facebooking was just too fast! *sigh*

p.s: insyaALLAH no more entries about him after this. ;p
It had been twice by the way. HAHA~


InaSazlan said...

kuat sebut namo ambo,padey duk terbelohok takdi agih haha dis is juztin bibir fever!!!hahah wakakkakak

Sarah_Saadi said...

hahhaha...yolo doh tuh...
fever of jb!hdup jb!!hahhaha..
hdup jhor bharu? bukan2..hdup klate! XD