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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

. Imah & Fiza .

first and foremost, i just want to say thanks to imah
for tagging me in her blog.
oh imah budak kecik, i was actually touched with what you've said.
so, yes, the sensitive emotion of mine is true! haha~
hmm.. look happy, but have a sencitive heart?
that's the word that i've been looking for :)

:: this is the time we went to pahang- imah's house::

secondly, i need to tag fiza in my blog too,
because i'm afraid if she gets
envy towards juma, and no-friends-saying to juma,
haha, im the one who needs to be blamed. :P
so, cik fiza, here i am , tagging you,
to say a lot of thanks for being my friend! i do love you okay?
do take care of yourself, cik sabahan.hik2

alahai..ayunye Dik :))

p.s: dont have much time for blogging, because have procrastinated my time
waiting for that MixPod music. *jangan segan2.sila klik play lah ye?*
new songs anyway. ngee~
hmm..maybe have getting bored for a long time, even
the layout has been changed beautifully! ;DDD

so, people, have a nice day.
Kelantan today has a bright day.
please don't forget to smile to the sun! :)


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