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Thursday, April 15, 2010

this post should have been done yesterday actually,
because we went for family night out at New Horizon 
in an area of Wakaf Che Yeh.
well, it was my first time to go there
(because cost is the main problem, make you
think twice to decide to go )

commercial break. hehe. 

we went there at night,
me with my younger brother- Syakir, went by dad's car.
my mom, her children and my grandfather went by Kak Long's car.
i just let kak long to order the meal. 
 and the result was, 
some photos have been taken as a memory.
instead of ate goood food!

here are the pictures:

i know im ugly
damia is just sooo cutee! isnt she? ^^
that is the wallpaper for the laptop .hehe

those two siblings, Qistina and Damia.
qis always get on bullies,kick,slap
her adorable younger sister,
since she just blink and blink,
whatever the sister did to her.
lastly, cried and screaming.
both like to scream whenever possible!

sedap kan? sedap kan?
jilat jari for sure
kecur air liur tak? ;DD

butter prawn i guess :)
help yourselves to get it!

okay.the table was mess up,
with a lot of children and
babies around the table.
me likeyy! =))
wish to have this happiness in the future with children, hubby,
loving people around.

we back home around 10 pm.
after a very long time haven't had this kind of outing,
i really thankful for having 
loving family members around me.
thanks Allah for this lovely awesome fabulous amazing terrific people,
including friends and etc.
to much things upon your bounty 
which has given to me.
need to be thankful everyday tough.

p.s: People, don't you listen to my heart-beat?
what does it say? <3


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