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Sunday, April 4, 2010

. happy + sad .

"Happy birthday to me,..happy birthday to me,, happy birthday to me,happy birthday to me,.."
lalala..~ *riang ria menyanyi untuk diri sendiri* tapi tatau lah lagu ni cun ke tak. (tapi macam tak bape cun je?cam mamak yang tengah tarik teh tarik je?sambil2 mamak tu nyanyi.
msti tak bape lawa molekul air teh tarik dia.hik3)

kitorang pergi kbmall..waktu tu, aku ada terbaca komen yang Irfah anta kat Zimah, something like, "jimah, bilo nk g kbmol?" ah,okay, tak menggunakan skrip asal.
em..seriously, my intention on that time was, TO GIVE COMMENTS at Facebook, because i happened to see them commenting like crazy, and makes my tummy explodes into pieces because of their jokes.haha.

emm..anymore to say?ah. it's better if you just feast your eyes with some pictures that we have snapped. here you are: (help yourselves to get the food if you can!) hehe

okay.no time to rotate this picture.so, there are Cherr, Zimah, Me and Irfah.
(i don't know why Irfah got a COMMERCIAL name.muahaha)

after the performed prayer(zuhur prayer), Irfah asked us to get up to level
three to taste that ice-blended.emm..not bad. (sambil mencebik bibir) :P

notis: jangan tertipu dengan muka saya yang plastik itu, kerana saya hanya ingin menjadi model untuk kedai tersebut.teringat Ice-room kat Nilai lorhh. T___T

people!people!look!this is how "she" parked her car.
"pah, i thought i want to hide you, nor your name, but your face is there"
*sila bandingkan kereta dia dengan KERETA2 di belakang.hehe*

ini juga kerana ingin menjadi pekerja dan model Secret Recipe!

K.A.M.I : Terima kasih kepada Afzan (kawan sekolah rendah dulu yang telah terjumpa secara tak sengaja yang juga merupakan pekerja di secret recipe.hihi.). panjang gila description "ppejje"- this is how Kelantanese pronounce it.hehe. thanks to him for taking this ph0to.
jasamu dikenang! :)) 31 March 2010- wont forget this awesome time!

well readers, these are all for the happy part.(you know it right??) =)

now, is the second part, the sad part of today. actually,there was one uncle. he went to my stall- where i sell guava juice and sliced guava everyday. the last time he came, he just spoke in Kedahan.but today?he came to me, and continuosly fast, talk in Arabic. Oh my GOD. i felt stupid and how worse i was, because i can't reply him in that "Jannah Language".
Oh man,,I felt bad and worse. now i've realised that this is too much that i don't even understand with what he said! T________T

The reason is, i've not open even a single Arabic book, and have'nt had any conversation in Arabic. i feel like crying, men. ugh. silly me.
bye2..got no time to tell you guys more.tata! Good night~


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