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Thursday, March 11, 2010

. yesterday plus today? .


people all over planet are doing their own activities to fulfil
his or her time greatly.im sure for that.don't they?
yesterday(or last night), i called mira and juma(my former dormmates),
to ask them for some favour,
*to ask them about their results actually*.
eventough mine is nooot soooo goooooodd..huhu.
*harakat must be long.haha*
whatever it is,the time has passed, i cannot change anything.right?
so, just view it from the side that Allah knows the best.
this is an advice to my awesome buddies out there as well! =)

::iium main campus,here we come!::

other topic to be talked and discussed here is that,
i don't have much credit to call my best buddies(anyone?want me to call you?hehe).
i repeat, BEST BUDDIES.
You think you're great, you're awesome,
then it is YOU!
I LOVE YOU, Friends.
i woke up just now by imagining i was in my dorm.

:: the last time we hang out to Mines:) ::

:: this is our AGD in our dormitory.hehe::

well, it seems like im out of the topic.
actually, the credit of my phone has just been topped-up last night.
you know what?in just almost an hour,i repeat, ALMOST AN HOUR,
i can't reply any.one.any.more.
aaa...i feel like crying because i need that to call people for
some good intentions.hehe.education stuff lahh :P

this morning, i texted Ejah Hanim
*hey dear, i spelled your name correctly as same as your Facebook.hehe*
she said that she was sad with her result.
hey izzah,,wake up! yours is better than mine.
no worries. we can survive together in Gombak.
must be some hidden 'hikmah'.right?right sweetie?
=) no more sadness k?
la tahzan (:

so,back to the result,i got PASS for both the EPT Papers.
Alhamdulillah, because i happened to see my friends who have to repeat the papers TWICE.
OMG.Nauzubillah =.=
my praises to Allah.thank you for giving me a lot of chances
upon your bounty. I LOVE YOU, ALLAH.
the sadness and complication in life are paid off .
even it is not that good or great like others ,
i must be thankful tough.
hey friends, please grab me whenever i go astray from His path. T__T
O Allah, guide me..need you more than ever ....

Lots of love,


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