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Thursday, March 11, 2010

. technology nowadays? .


i'm done with my house chores anyway.yay me!

i think im a bit hardworking these days.
ah.dont get jealous with me, okay?
i'm just practising to be a good mother or wife,
or a good housewife..agagaga~
to mention here is that,today is my holiday.
it's a day-off from my work.
so,i'm home for the whole day.love it!
that's why i need to work out on my body
to produce sweat.huhu.
*remember the "Slimming program?*
ahaha..macam tak ada hasil pon lagi?kah kah.

oh hey babe,before i forget.
with our high technology nowadays,
i rather choose handphone to make calls as the best,
instead of using webcams using Skype or Yahoo Messenger
(fine.my face looks like i'm lying).
yeah. need to admit that i like it too,
but, i think, calls using phone is the best i guess,
because it brings me to the old memories
(memori daun pisang.ngehehe)
so, handphone to make calls as the top among them,
because it is more clear and i don't have to take out my laptop
from my bag. so, yeah, this is the major reason.
*fine if you wanna grab back that compliment to say that i'm hardworking.hehe*

oh by the way, using handphone, i don't have to
pay the monthly payment of the broadband.
(mahal doww)
like, RM70 per month.
i'm sorry Abah that i get the money from you.
sorry :(

::abah and me::

hmm.the thing cross out of my mind,
that this entry of my post to this blog seems like
i'm writing a compare and contrast essay.haha.
fine,i miss Mr.Raj =))

life is getting better tough.
well, we need to view life as the
time to teach us hardness and complication in life.
there is no use of hammer if we don't use it to build our house right?
so, it is the same when we don't make passion and drive to
achieve our vision in life.isn't it?

:: let's have vision in life::

next, i will view the result of my final examinations.
they said the result will be came out after 5pm.
it is like a butterfly in my stomach
which almost make my fingers shaking :-S

one thing that make me say this, is from "Friends Exposed"on Facebook.
question: what is the moment that make you want to have it again?
"i wish i can back to my childhood where my mom is there"
I miss that moment.
Mama, i miss you.
your little angel misses you all the time.
rest in peace, mama...


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