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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

. Sudah Kerja Baah .

"jus jambu batu"

ok tak cakap sabah?
saya sudah kerja..iya..benar sekali sih..
alamak,indon pulak.haha.watever.

yang pasti,kena cepat.dah kena tidur ni, sbb
besok kena bgn awal.xde masa..
adoi..sok kena bukak gerai sorang2 wehh...
takuuttt ;'(

huu..tapi takpelah sebab duit banyak masyuuuk.huhu.

oh ok.BEN students, let's speak in English.
Actually, i've to make myself happy since madam dalina
had given me an advice to be happy.
she said that i can't make myself too sad all over the days.
and now, i really need to be happy.oyeah!! ;D
she said,
"why do you always cry? don't you feel mentally disturbed with blocked nose, swollen eyes and head ache?
well,yes, i've felt them all the way.
so, now i've decided not to feel it again.
ok.now, im smiling!! ;)
just wish me luck with the business by tomorrow morning.
oh ok.this is the payment that i've got for four days of work.
(even my skin got darker.ugh!!)

1st day: RM70
2nd day: RM50
3rd day : RM50
4th day:RM50

Hey,see? it's only four days, and thats a lot of money ok?
huhu..go sara go! ;)
sjust wish me luck and congrats because i'm not scared to see
"crazy people" anymore.hehe.

my father's worker.tomorrow, he gonna have another stall.so,he gonna leave me alone there. :(
*no affair.he's at the age of my lil' bro-form5*

guava juice!! come buy our healthy fruit!heh2. :P

tata!nite everyone! ;D

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