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Thursday, March 4, 2010

. Yes, this is dedicated to you. ;)

to be away from love is not what made Sarah Saadi good at.
she can't hide her good feeling to say that she does not has love.
furthermore, there is someone who cares so much about this girl,
named ; Muhd al-Awwab.
*im sorry if your name is spelled wrongly ;)
for your information, he has scolded me once coz i've spelled his name wrong.haha.
sorry dear! ;)

now, both of us have been busy with life.
just a seldom and rare texting to say "how are you" is good enough
to make it as a concern.
(mesej kat fon mahal laa) ;'(
as a girl, i know this is not enough to feel cared,
but i tried to feel happy and grateful for having you far far away from me :)

ahh..with so much high technology in front of us won't make me say
"we have lost contact to each other".
for example, Skype and Yahoo Messenger are one of the ways to help
us to say "hello" ;)
(at least, once a week or once in two weeks.hoho).

lastly, for the one who is far away from me,
take care.
Ya Libyu Chibya ;)
"Thanks Skype!"
I love you, Skype! ;D


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