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Friday, February 26, 2010

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i wish salam maulidur rasul to all Muslims.
Lets be thankful for having our greatest prophet as the best man on earth.
i love you ya rasulullah..
jom berselawat.
"alluhumma salli a'la muhammad.
waa'li muhammad ya mukminin sollu a'laih"
- petikan dari lagu Sami Yusuf: names of Allah :)

by the way, i won't give comments about the last entry of my post.
i just need time to make me relax and be in peace.
note to the person: "main hoon na", wherever you are.Ya Libyu Chibya . <3>
(three symbolise something) ;D
if there is "kal ho na hoo", let's just live in happiness and not to be in grieve.
it could disturb your study. isn't it?
i'll just try to be the best.ok?
the best for you perhaps.and maybe it is just an
ordinary girl because i'm not perfect too.
pardon me for all the stupid mistakes.
i won't do it again.
just wanna see you happy.

i don't know why i love this photo so much!
maybe because the baby is cute. ;D
seems like he's kissing the mirror.huhu.

[: yes, well said, baby =)
don't cry..

you know what?
i really really really want to upload "the picture" to this blog.
it's just so sweet!i <3>
and the most importantly, because the person is there :)
oh ok.i'll get your permission first to upload it.

oh not to forget. i'll be working with my daddy on tomorrow morning.
i'll try.
ohhhh...daddy said, " your face will be dark if you work all day long since it is
gonna be a very hot and looong day.and remember, you must wake up early.sharp at eight!"
so,Sarah said, " ermm.ok Abah."
*sambil buat 'muka kelat'.hehe*
trauma jugak dengan muka saya yang gelap masa join kawad masa
skola Maahad dulu :(
nanti orang paggil Sarah Tam ;'(
but then, it is ok because the payment is high.
ok la..dapat simpan duit.hehe.
kaya. kaya!

here are some pictures as an appreciation that i can give ;)

the bench. you should be there. ;)

going to school?

"my name is khan and i'm not a terrorist."

i think that's enough. wish me luck with my slimming program at home.
since there is no stove to cook,haha.i can be slim!
sebab tak makan.hehe.makan yang abah beli je. ;D

nak kurus.nak kurus.nak kurus.
*ok.tiga kali dah cukup untuk memotivasikan diri*

Take care people!


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