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Sunday, March 14, 2010

. Late in the morning .


it is already 5am i have'nt go to bed yet.
just have a wonderful time just now.
wish i can turn back the time. =')
ouh okay.this is just to update my blog..hehe.
wait!something is disturbing here.
two questions:
1st-when is MUET?
2nd- Is it normal that i haven't receive any feedback letter to sit for MUET?
(Because already got the letters.what the heck?
ugh!thanks PPD.) =.=

another thing:
- do i have to go to Nilai to get my trancript?
- do i have to repost and reapply for the TESL?

Okay.these are some questions that i need answers.
kindly give comments or drop your answers in the chat box.
thanks buddies! ;')

-time to sleep..zzzzzz...-

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