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Monday, March 15, 2010

. Exceeded,huh? .


currently, i can't use my broadband too long
because it is ecxeeded and had reached the maximum level.
wth! i pay monthly you know?
i never being this kind, to foot my bill as accurate and as sharp as it is
never been more than a month.haha.
for example, the electricity for my house is already tooooo
exceeded and had more-than-reach level.haha.
thus, we have no electricity for last week.
one night, i can't get myself to have a contact with electricity that made me
struggling with no fan, to fight over mosquitoess...haha.
for your information, my home here is quite far with bushes.
therefore, nyamuks2 suka "bite" saya.hehe

today, i had a blast day.i don't know why, but i feel happy though.
my prayer is to have a blissful life forever.aminn ^^,
Allah knows the best for His servants,including me.


thanks and special present with hugs and kisses to:

Allah the al-Mighty
My family.
Beloved friends.
My dear.

Thank you.
I love you guys ;')
only Him can pay you all of your good deeds.


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