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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

. it is 'cold' maybe .

i don't know what to post about.
so, is this blog is all about myself?
hmm..well, i need some time to think.
maybe i need to post something critically, aite?
(from CCT Class, maybe.)

right now, i have a freeze-brain.
it seems like does not work well and
give me a brilliant ideas nowadays.
i also can't manage and control my emotion systematically =.=
i'm sorry for those who has been spilled with my anger and etc.
ah.my bad.im sorry :(

* i know you can feel the 'cold' outside of me.

note to the person: i'm okay right here. i just need some space and
need to improve iman some more.life is about getting addicted to do
good deeds.well, yes, i need and MUST be the one.

i miss everyone. T_T

The most importantly, I miss The Creator T_T

So many trials happen these days that I need to improve my faith to Him.
I just need to calm myself down whenever, wherever the place may be.

By the way, I've received the MUET Slip yesterday.
So, the MUET Centre would be at Sultan Ismail College (SIC).
Izzah and Lina, do inform me where you guys gonna sit for the examination.
I really hope that we can face the examination at the same place.Wohhoo!
You guys are my great awesome buddies Kelantanese that I have. Seriously! :)

This Thursday, 1st of April, I'll be going to HUSM again. There's something about an appointment with the doctor. The trial must have something related to my sin. Right, Allah?
Astaghfirullah and Alhamdulillah.

the medicines yang sangat tak sedap. :(

p.s: i can't stand to hear the sheep beside my house
"screaming" all over the day.haha.(screaming?)
dan dia bukanlah mengembek manja, tapi bunyi cam orang mengamuk.haha.
menakutkan, bukan? =.=

eventough you are hurt deep inside,
please smile, because it is worth a thousand
happiness :)


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