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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Love is All We Need~

"Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri."

this is the saying from our olden people on the old days.
well, this has just came across to my mind, because o the condition that
i've been facing with the surrounding.
i really hope we can teach our children since their childhood, so that they did
not get used to lying; including lying over a small matter.
this is because, once they have practise it even ONCE, it is all just can happen later,
after that and in their future.
we really don't want that to happen.

a saying as " charity starts at home" is quite-same-saying which shows that
anything good deeds must start at home, to make them continuosly do the deeds
as long as they live in this permanent world;
by teaching them that they will get a lot of rewards in the hereafter.
parents as we know like mother and father need to play their vital role,
to make a family institution as a basement for them to have another
leadership skills on the outside world.
hence, the children will be well educated with religions, manners and etc.

so people?how about your life?
i have a great awesome father beside me!don't get jealous okay?
he's my good friend.sometimes, i just don't realise it that
he is always there to give me everything; every single thing that I ask.

well, this evening, i went to KBMall,
I just purchased him a t-shirt.
it's blue in colour, and this is the first time that I bought him shirt :)
so Abah, hope you like it! ^^,
tell me if you don't like it, because the salesman said
that i can change it in three days!hee~
then, i bought two brooches for my mother.
it is paid with my salary lahh..not with my father's money.
(eventough my salaries are given by daddy.HAHA)

:: you are the preciuos gift from Allah::

to Lina Rasid, thanks for accompanying me to HUSM this morning.
i will go no nowhere and get lost to the whole big HUSM
if i don't have you by my side.hehe.
LOVE YOU, lina sporting!hehe
(macam eja sport rim.haha.tiba2 :P)

thanks to Paan for soothing me tonight after i
spilled my tears a bit.
she said, " Sarah, if you're not strong, it can be no hope.
it already occured in many cases already."
okay Paan, i'll be strong.i know you love me too~

here are everyone.
meet my buddies! :)

so, as a moral of the story,
i love everyone!
smile whenever you feel sad or otherwise,
because your smile can brighten up other people's days.
Thank you for smiling.I can see it, even it's from your heart. =)

love this chubby budak!


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